What research have I done?

As I am pretty new to the research game this list looks somewhat humble, but with a bit of luck it might grow soon. You can find open-access PDFs and further information at http://reading.academia.edu/MattAustin or https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Matt_Austin/?ev=hdr_xprf


Austin, M. 2014. ‘Rethinking Hardown Hill: Our Westernmost Early Anglo-Saxon Cemetery?’. Antiquaries Journal, 94. pp.49-69.

Austin, M. 2014. ‘Archaeological Blogging and Engagement’. In Rocks-Macqueen, D. and Webster, C. (eds.). ‘Blogging Archaeology’. Landward Research in association with Succinct Research and DIGTECH LLC. pp.9-19.

Austin, M. 2014. ‘From Mead to Snakebite: An Ethnography of Modern British University Sports Team Drinking Culture and its Parallels with the Drinking Rituals of the Viking World’. EXARC Journal, 2014(1).

Austin, M. 2013. ‘Conflict or Coexistence? An Examination of the Evidence for Native Burial in Early Anglo-Saxon England, AD 400-700’. Trowel, 14. pp.10-18.


Meyers, K. and Austin, M. 2014. Ieldran: The Early Anglo-Saxon Cemetery Mapping Project. Online Interactive Database <http://ieldran.matrix.msu.edu>.


‘Lejre: A Bastion of Humanity? Studies in Centrality at a Danish Central Place’. Given at EMASS (Early Medieval Archaeological Student Symposium), Chester, May 2013.

Poster Presentations

‘From Mead to Snakebite: An Ethnographic Study of Modern British University Sports Team Drinking Culture and its Parallels with Viking Drinking Rituals and Consumption. Presented at EXARC (Experimental Archaeology Annual Conference), Cardiff, January 2013.


Austin, M. 2013. Early Anglo-Saxon Cremation in 2013: Knowledge, Understanding and the EASCREM 13 Database Project. MA Thesis, Cardiff University.

Austin, M. 2011. The Centre of the Universe? An Interdisciplinary Study of the Royal Centre at Lejre, Sjælland, Denmark. BA (Hons) Thesis, Cardiff University.


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