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1You might recall me mentioning the Lyminge Archaeological Project from time to time. I spent some time helping out at the excavations there last summer, although I could only stay for a week because I was in the final stages of giving birth to my Master’s Dissertation. I also spent another week there last April, about which you might recall I wrote a brief summary.

This time, though, it’s the real deal. I’ll be there for seven weeks – spanning the full extent of the final season of excavation – and I very much doubt I’ll get around to updating Darkage-ology from the confines of my tent. Do not despair, though, because the project has a dedicated blog, which will be regularly updated so you can still get your fix of early medieval archaeology.

So I’m afraid this is goodbye for a little while. I hope you all enjoy your summer, and don’t forget to spare a thought for me and my ever worsening tan lines.