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2There isn’t a Darkage-ology this week because I wrote a blog post elsewhere as part of the Day of Archaeology. This is an annual festival of archaeology where people involved in the field contribute a blog post about their lives and typical working day. To quote the organisers:

The idea is to describe your day working in archaeology – we want to hear about your working day, what kind of tasks you undertake, what you find if in the field, what other organisations you work with, how important you feel your work is, why you got involved in that specific area, why you wanted to be an archaeologist etc.

Although I wanted to contribute last year I ended up forgetting about the whole thing. To make amends, I decided that I would definitely contribute this year. As it happens, I forgot again, but I was close enough to the day of archaeology that they still accepted my post!

You can view it here:


But you should definitely check out the other posts on the website, which are altogether more interesting, witty and relevant: