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1Yep, so I really mean’t to get around to drawing up a proper post this week but it just didn’t really happen. I have been flat out writing and editing a couple of chapter drafts for an upcoming PhD review, and have just been massively busy in general. As mentioned in the title, I am going on holiday today so thought I should at least try and throw something together.

In four hours’ time I will be on a sleeper coach up to Glasgow to begin a week-long trip around Scotland. Perhaps not as exotic as some summer holidays, granted, but I am incredibly excited nonetheless. Not only have I never been to Scotland before, but there is a chance that I might have to show my passport next time..

Politics aside, our trip is covering three awesome parts of the beautiful country. We stay at Glasgow for a few days then head west across the Highlands to the Isle of Skye for some hiking and ‘Highland air’ before finally ending up in Edinburgh. My compatriots are not particularly interested in history, but that has never stopped me ruining people’s holidays with endless heritage trips before.

2I am particularly looking forward to the fantastic-looking Edinburgh Castle..

In other news, a Cardiff University excavation has made the headlines this week for their dig at the Caerau hillfort in south-east Wales. The AHRC-funded CAER Heritage Project was established as a means to excavate an important Iron Age hillfort that has seen little previous excavation.

3Collaborative in nature, the project is organised between Cardiff University (my old stomping ground), Action in Caerau and Ely (a community charity) and local residents. With over 2,000 people expected to be involved – either as excavators or visitors – this really is an incredible project. It also serves as a great example of the benefits archaeology can bring to a wider community. In fact, I have very happy memories of my time at a previous Cardiff University community excavation at the medieval village of Cosmeston (Penarth, Cardiff), who were kind enough to give me a shout-out recently.

Now that I have got some heritage in this post I suppose I can sign off and go pack. Obviously a week in Scotland will mean there probably won’t be a post next week, but I will endeavour to get writing again soon. I should probably talk about the Anglo-Saxons again at some point as well. Oh well, have a great week all.